Bumble & Bumble Repair Blow Dry

I got a sample of this product from Sephora and bought the full size as soon as I was done. It makes my thick hair dry so much quicker and helps reduce heat damage from using a blow dryer. The first time I used this product and then used a hair dryer, I was like "WHAT? IT'S DRY ALREADY? WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC SORCERY?"

I've gone through countless bottles, it's like crack for hair. I don't really enjoy being holed in a tiny apartment bathroom, trying to blow dry my Medusa mane. It's frustrating, time-consuming and I have Netflix shows to binge. Buy this now and thank me later :)


Smashbox Radiance Primer

This primer features hyaluronic acid and shea butter, so it's great for anyone with dry skin. Sometimes I like wearing it without foundation, it just looks that good! The amber and bronze pearls help warm up skin, which is helpful if you have a sallow complexion. I especially like using this product under matte foundations, since it makes everything look brighter.

I bought a travel size at Ulta since I've never used up an entire bottle of primer. Sometimes travel sizes are more expensive per ounce; but since I like trying new products, I'd rather go with the smaller packaging and save some money.


NARS Velvet Matte Foundation Stick

To apply this foundation, I like to start with Smashbox's Radiance Primer. It keeps the foundation from looking dull and lifeless. Once the primer has been applied and has time to settle in, I apply the foundation directly to my face. I like to start with a light hand and then go over any spots I missed. When I am done with that and under eye concealer, I use a wet Real Techniques beauty blender all over my face to give the foundation a less cake-y feel. 

Some makeup enthusiasts might argue that matte foundations do not work for women with dry skin. I think if you use a primer or moisturize well, it will not be an issue. Overall, I think the foundation lends a really polished look to skin, is comfortable to wear and its size makes it easy to throw in a makeup bag and use on a regular basis. 

I wear the shade Santa Fe, which is a medium shade with peachy undertones. NARS does a good job of being inclusive of women of color in their shade range. Their foundation shades are all named after geographical locations, which makes it easy to remember your shade and find it again in store, rather than trying to remember a shade number.